Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil: Benefits and Uses, Side Effects

Information about Indulekha Hair Oil

Indulekha Hair Oil is manufactured by Indulekha Ltd. It is made using Ayurvedic ingredients. Beneficial for hair-related problems. Prevents hair loss, grows new hair, reduces the number of hair partitions, strengthens hair roots, and nourishes and moisturizes hair.

People who want to re-grow their hair often use a lot of Surrey products. Which, in fact, synthetic shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products contain so many chemicals. Which causes damage to our hair and skin. If you want to grow your hair naturally, then you need to give your hair more protein, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins, which are found in Indulekha Hair Oil made from coconut oil.

Indulekha oil is made from 100% natural ingredients based on coconut oil. It not only provides treatment but also nourishes hair. Indulekha hair oil helps in hair growth and prevents hair fall. It is an Ayurvedic oil, so it takes time to show its effects.

Indulekha Hair Oil Ingredients

  • Nalikera Kshiram / Coconut Milk Oil 75 gram
  • Aloe Vera’s Anal 1.816 gram
  • Grape fruit 1.816 gram
  • White kutz leaves 12.12 gram
  • Bhringraj Plant 1.816 gram
  • Amla fruit 1.816 gram
  • Giloy Stem 1.816 gram
  • Almond Fruit 1.18 gram
  • Curry leaves 4.73 gram
  • Mulethi root 0.187 gram
  • Neem leaves 0.75 grams
  • Brahmi whole plant 1.18 grams
  • Nalicare / Coconut Oil 25 ml
  • Camphor 0.75 gram
  • Kshiram 3.03 ml

Indulekha Hair Oil Benefits

  • It prevents hair loss.
  • Eliminates the problem of dandruff in your hair.
  • Prevents two strands of hair.
  • Helps in hair growth
  • Indulekha oil also helps in growing new hair.
  • Indulekha oil also prevents premature white hair.
  • Relieves stress which reduces hair breakage and causes new hair to grow.
  • Removes all hair problems
  • It is beneficial for both men and women.
  • Nourishes hair
  • This prevents any kind of infection or bacterial infection on your scalp.

Indulekha Hair Oil Uses

It becomes very easy to use with the help of a comb (applicator) that comes with Indulekha oil. The oil from this comb reaches the roots of the hair. It is quite easy to apply this oil as compared to other oils which you apply by applying it on your hands. Applying this to the hands keeps the oil on the hair and does not reach the roots of the hair.

Open the comb first.

Now with the help of a pin make a hole in the cap where the comb was placed.

Now put the comb back.

Now comb the hair in your hair. Comb all over the head.

Press the bottle lightly so that the oil comes out of the holes in the comb.

After applying the oil, gently massage with the help of your fingers.

Leave for 3 to 4 hours or overnight after massaging, and then wash with shampoo. Can be used as a hair moisturize.

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Indulekha Hair Oil side effects

Indulekha oil is 100% Ayurvedic. It is usually safe to use. And no side effects are reported. But if any of the ingredients in this product do not suit you, then it can be the cause of allergy.

This oil has a sticky element that makes our hair a little greasy.

It is likely to cause colds due to its cold properties.

According to some people, the hair started falling again after stopping its use.

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