Himalaya Cystone Tablet: Uses, Dosage, Side effects

Information about Himalaya Cystone Tablet

Himalaya Cystone tablet is made by Himalaya Herbal Care Company with natural ingredients. Himalaya Cystone Tablet is a herbal remedy. Cystone Tablet contains ingredients which have diuretic, democratic and antimicrobial properties. Cystone tablets are used for the prevention of kidney stones and presence of crystals in urine, removal of kidney stones and recurrence of stones.

Himalaya Cystone Tablet Ingredients

Main Ingredients :-

  • Shilapushpa (Didymocarpus pedicellata) -130mg
  • Pashanabheda (Saxifraga ligulata) -98 mg
  • Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia) -32 mg
  • Nagarmusta (Cyperus scariosus)- 32 mg
  • Apamarga (Achyranthes aspera) -32 mg
  • Gohija (Onosma bracteatum) -32 mg
  • Sahadevi (Vernonia cinerea) -32 mg
  • Hajrul yahood bhasma -32 mg
  • Shilajeet (Purified) -26 mg

Pasanabeda has diuretic, antipyretic and antimicrobial properties. It protects the inflamed internal tissues. As a diuretic, this herb helps in flushing out small stones with urine.

Shilapushpa has antilithiatic properties, which prevents the formation of stones in the urine. As a lithotripic, Shilapushpa dissolves kidney stones and passes them out through urine. And it has antimicrobial properties.

Himalaya Cystone Tablet Uses

  • As a diuretic, Cystone tablet helps in flushing out small stones and gravel with urine.
  • Cystone Tablet prevents the formation of stones in urine and helps in breaking the kidney stone and expelling it.
  • It is used as an adjunct in UTI (urinary tract infection), painful urination or burning or bloody urine.
  • Kidney Stones (Urolithiasis)
  • Anuria (absence of urination)
  • Painful micturition (painful urine passage)
  • Crystalluria (formation of crystals in the urinary tract)
  • Dysuria (presence of blood in the urine)

Himalaya Cystone Tablet Dogase

Use usually 1 tablet 2 times a day or as directed by the doctor.

With its intake, about 4-5 liters of water should be drunk.

Himalaya Cystone Tablet Side Effects

No side effects of Himalaya Cystone Tablet have been reported in the medical literature. However, you should always consult your doctor before using Himalaya Cystone Tablet.

Note:— Pregnant women can consume these pills without any risk.

Himalaya Cystone tablets are generally safe for breastfeeding women. It is better to take them on the advice of a doctor before consuming them.

Alcohol should not be consumed with this medicine or with kidney problems.

These tablets do not affect driving as they do not cause any tiredness or drowsiness.

Himalaya Cystone tablets do not pose any risk to the stomach.


Read the label carefully before use

keep out of reach of children

Store in a cool, dry place

Use under doctor’s supervision

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