CROTONOL TABLET: Benefits and Uses, Side Effects


CROTONOL TABLET is manufactured by Cipla LTD. It is mainly used to treat alcohol addiction.

It helps to avoid the urge to drink alcohol. It produces a sudden effect when mixed with alcohol, helping you stay away from alcohol even if you are alcohol dependent. Even in moderation of alcohol consumption, there are effects like redness of the face, headache, nausea, blurred vision, mental confusion, etc.

Also avoid consuming alcoholic foods such as mouthwash, cough syrups, perfumes, and hair dyes as even small amounts of alcohol can trigger these unpleasant effects.


Disulfiram 500mg

Disulfiram blocks the chemical which breaks down the converted form of alcohol in the body. This increases the level of the converted form of alcohol in the body, which leads to bad symptoms in the body while drinking alcohol.

CROTONOL TABLET benefits and uses

CROTONOL TABLET is used in the prevention and treatment of these diseases –

for the treatment of alcohol addiction


Dosage:- Take one tablet only once a day for a maximum period of 2 weeks or as directed by the doctor. Swallow it whole. Do not chew, crush or break it. CROTONOL TABLET can be taken before or after a meal.

CROTONOL TABLET side effects

If your symptoms do not improve after taking it. Or if your condition worsens, consult your doctor immediately.

Common side effects are as follows-




metallic taste

Apart from the above-mentioned side effects, there may be other side effects as well. If you notice any unusual symptoms while using the medicine, contact the doctor immediately.


Use its dosage as per the instructions given by the doctor.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Read the label carefully before use

Keep away from sunlight, in a cool and dry place.

Keep the medicine away from children and pets.

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