B-GAP tablet benefits and uses

B-GAP is an Ayurvedic contraceptive pill.

B-Gap Tablet is used to prevent pregnancy. It is an all Ayurvedic product that helps prevent pregnancy without producing any pregnancy.

B-Gap Tablet Benefits

Prevents pregnancy for 6 months

No side effects

Free from any harmful artificial hormones

There are many ways to control pregnancy and which B-Gap is considered as the most effective option. Once taken, B-Gap Tablet works for a period of 6 months in preventing pregnancy. This prevents the hassle of taking regular birth control pills or other irritating methods such as copper-T insertion or vaginal condoms. This tablet forms a layer above the egg which prevents it from being fertilized. This layer lasts for a period of 6 months.

Neither, it will change your dates nor will it cause much pain during those days. Many times, when taking other birth control pills, periods are delayed and mostly for a week, The Lady does not experience irregular menstruation, weakness, excessive pain, and irritation during periods. B-GAP formulation is safe and free from all types of side effects offering effective results.

B-Gap Tablet is a single-dose contraceptive drug. And it should be taken under medical supervision. However, it does not have any side effects. But it should not be taken by pregnant women, or by women suffering from irregular menstruation.

Use of B-GAP tablets

B-Gap Tablet comes in a packing of 1 tablet. B-Gap Tablet should be taken with empty stomach water in the morning, immediately after the last day of the period. Sexual intercourse should be avoided in the next seven days. Subsequently, intercourse can be performed for the next six months without any fear of pregnancy. Even after taking this tablet, menstruation is regular and you do not lose weight. As with other birth control pills.


Antibiotics should not be used while taking the B-Gap Tablet.

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