Alfalfa Tonic: Benefits and use, dosage, side effects

Information about homeopathic Alfalfa Tonic

Alfalfa Tonic is homeopathic medicine. Alfalfa Tonic is derived from a plant that belongs to the pea species. And is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. It helps in reducing the body’s cholesterol levels and inflammation. Alfalfa Tonic helps to increase our immunity and detoxify the body. It makes our heart healthier by controlling blood pressure and reducing stress from blood vessels and arteries.

Ingredients of Alfalfa Tonic

Plant extracts of Medicago sativa (Alfalfa)


Alfalfa Tonic benefits

Helps to increase appetite and supports weight gain

Improves mental and physical strength

Improve breastfeeding

Reduces headache and stomachache

Helpful in reducing frequent urination

Useful in treating kidney and prostate conditions

Regulates the high cholesterol level of the body

Is beneficial in the treatment of asthma and arthritis

Helps control diabetes

Relieves pain from stomach gas

Control blood pressure

Remove toxins from the body

Profitable in menopause

Reduces risk of heart disease

Boosts immunity

Improves digestive power

Makes skin clean and healthy

Alfalfa Tonic uses

Alfalfa Tonic is very beneficial in physical weakness. If there is any weakness in your body, alfalfa tonic removes that weakness and maintains agility in your body.

After any disease, the body becomes very weak, alfalfa q is very useful.

Physical exhaustion after work all day is very high, alfalfa Tonic is also very useful in this.

Alfalfa Tonic for weight gain

Alfalfa Tonic benefits in increasing appetite. Hence the use of alfalfa Tonic also helps in weight gain. Those who have less weight. In those people, the use of alfalfa Tonic is beneficial in weight gain. The problem of loss of appetite is overcome with the use of alfalfa Tonic. And those who are underweight can increase their weight.

Alfalfa Tonic dosage

Alfalfa Tonic 5ml three times a day morning-evening-afternoon, or as stated by the physician.

Alfalfa Tonic side effects

Alfalfa Q contains a high amount of alcohol. Therefore, it should only be used according to the instructions given by the doctor. Consult your doctor if any of the following side effects are observed –

Experience vomiting

physical pain

Joint pain

stomach pain

itchy skin


Read the label carefully before use

Use its dose only according to the instructions given by the doctor.

Do not exceed the recommended dose

Keep out of reach of children

Store in a cool and dry place

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